Dental Care

Keep your pet safe

If your animal is over the age of 4 and has never had any sort of dental care they may have a form of periodontal disease. Come in and have your pet's teeth examined.

Remove bad teeth

Rotten and broken teeth can cause
your pet pain and lead to further
health issues. Let our experienced veterinarian extract these and save your pet from discomfort.

What you should do

- Yearly exams
- Dental cleanings
- Brush teeth daily
- Provide dental chews
- Serve tarter control foods

Treat the disease

When you bring your cat or dog in for
an exam and happen to discover periodontal disease. Don't panic, fortunately we can provide all the necessary treatments right here!

Get treatment for:

- Gingivitis
- Fractured teeth
- Broken teeth
- Oral masses
- Cavities

Care starts here

Looking for a new veterinarian? Know that we are accepting new patients. Become an established one and we even do house calls!

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